Darion Dearinger (57) moves in to hurry Henderson County quarterback Sam Elliott in the 2019 season. (All photos by John Herndon) Darion Dearinger embarks on a new journey, looking for God's will By John Herndon, 110forChrist.com LAWRENCEBURG, Ky. -- Darion Dearinger has earned the accolades. He’s received a level of recognition of which most football … Continue reading FULL SPEED AHEAD

Giving thanks in all circumstances

Mark Peach was at ease as we talked in his office at Anderson County High School in 2019. (Photo by John Herndon) As he leaves his hometown, Mark Peach believes his unexpected relocation is a way to glorify God By John Herndon, 110forChrist.com Mark Peach’s greeting was much the same as it had been nearly … Continue reading Giving thanks in all circumstances