These stories need to be told!

Several years ago, I had the opportunity to talk with former Clemson football coach and current ESPN commentator Tommy Bowden when he spoke at a Hope Community Church near my home. Bowden is a devout Christian who openly shares his testimony and stories of faith.

By John Herndon,

It’s easy to get discouraged in any endeavor worth undertaking. And the truth is none of us are immune.

It happens because life happens.

In 34 years of working for a newspaper, there were times I just wanted to get away. Usually it came when I had to write a news story that was not flattering and regardless of what I could do, someone was going to look bad. In the news business, I simply didn’t sugarcoat things, telling the facts and nothing else. I would tell myself it was just one of those things that happens in journalism, but that still doesn’t make it any easier when you take the irate phone call or read the nasty email.

I admit that when people accused me of something that was just not true or if people were hurt because of a mistake on my part — and that happened more than I want to admit! — it was easy to withdraw. It was easy to get down on myself and, unfortunately, take that frustration out on those who love me most.

When I launched, the idea was simply to uplift Christ’s name with stories from the sports world. We have somewhat changed how we do things after some trial and error and learning how to best budget our time, but the big idea has not changed, nor will it change.

We simply want to use this website to lift high the glorious name of Jesus Christ in a small way. 

And while almost every story we have published has been uplifting, there are times of personal discouragement. While most of our work has been well-received, there have been a handful of stories that, for reasons unknown, simply did not get many hits. 

But the most disappointing thing we sometimes encounter is a public school coach who is reluctant to talk about an athlete whose faith is an inspiration. We don’t encounter that often but do see it enough that it does not catch us off guard and, frankly, it’s understandable given the social climate of today. And while we have never been specifically turned down, I always hear rumors of school administrators discouraging teachers and coaches from talking on the record with media outlets like

It is, in our view, a bit unfortunate, but understandable. While working for a newspaper, one of the biggest stories I covered was that of a high school football coach having to give up praying with his team after games because of the threat of a lawsuit, which was coming from an out-of-state organization that had nothing to do with the team. I’ve talked with other coaches who have told me similar stories, so the caution of going on the record really is understandable.

However, I was recently talking with someone who has been an encourager of from the very first day. His words were as encouraging as any I have ever received.

“These are stories that need to be told,” he said.

They are stories of overcoming obstacles. They are stories of leading others, of victories in the face of defeat. And they are stories of simply living one’s life for Christ in a world where that commitment of faith is often a foreign concept. 

These are stories that need to be told.”

That’s where we need your help. As we have already stated, was created simply to inspire and remind Christians that we can make a difference in the lives of those around us. We want to remind young people that it’s OK to be different, that it’s OK to love God even when the world around us is skeptical. 

And we want to remind anyone who checks out a story or column like this that God is still in control even though the world around us has been overtaken by chaos. 

If sin has messed the world up beyond words — a sentiment I share with many — then I want to use words to point people back to God.

That’s where you come in. Since we launched this site, we have relied mainly on the many contacts made while working at a newspaper. Most of those contacts are high school and college coaches, but we have also reached out to fans, players and other writers. We have had many great story ideas, but we also know there could be a million more.

You might know of a great story of faith or victory. Your pastor or youth pastor might know one to share. 

Just let us know in the contact form at the top of the home page and we will take it from there. The only constraints are time and distance.

Most of all, we covet your prayers. We’ve had so many great comments about, but with this being basically a one-person operation, we are limited in what we can do.  

But we know God is bigger than our limits. To Him be the glory!

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