Welcome to 110 For Christ

This is my first post on a new venture that has been percolating in my mind for the better part of two years. I can’t remember exactly when the idea to create a website combining faith and area sports came together, but I finally got the courage to ask several area coaches and fans who I knew to be wonderful Christian people and the answer was nearly always the same.

“I really like the idea!” Or, “We could really use something like that.”

So, with the start of high school basketball this week, you could say this post is tipping off this venture. Like every game I have ever attended in any sport, I expect some unexpected surprises.

There will be bugs to work out, changes in direction and all sorts of other things that will make this journey exciting. But I can’t see the ultimate goal of 110 For Christ to ever change: It’s simply a place you can come to read positive stories of faith and triumph from people that are just like you.

They might be famous. They might be someone you have never heard of. That really doesn’t matter because everyone has a story and I want this site to be a place to celebrate faith and inspiration.

Our focus will be high school athletes and coaches in Kentucky’s Eighth Region, but we certainly won’t be confined to that. In fact, over the next few weeks, you will get to read about a few Eighth Region greats from the past share their stories.

I might even share stories from people who have no connection to the area other than you know who they are and will enjoy their stories.

I don’t see this as a place for scores and stats although I plan to occasionally put some general information up. We will just have to see how that develops.

And while my main focus is faith, don’t be surprised to see some positive human interest stories on the featured content. I am always looking for great stories and/or contributors to this venture. Just drop me a note in the contact section.

I’m really looking forward to this journey, which I feel might have started when I was in middle school. My first trip to Henry County High School came in 1971 when, as a seventh-grader, I watched the Anderson County Bearcats, led by Jimmy Dan Conner, beat a very good Carroll County team in the championship game.

With the exception of a few years living in other states, I’ve been back nearly every season. I’ve experienced the joy of cutting down the nets — I was the manager on Anderson County’s 1974 Eighth Region champs — and shed tears when Shelbyville knocked us out of the tournament the following year.

And if you are wondering where I got the name “110 for Christ,” it’s a play on the most cherished award I have ever received. As a junior in high school, I was presented the 110 Percent Award for the Anderson County Bearcats.

Years later, I realize it is important to give all you have on the playing field, but even more important to do so in life.

In over 30 years of writing, I’ve seen a lot of things happen in that old Henry County  field house. But most importantly, I have met a lot of wonderful people from communities just like mine.

Let’s celebrate their stories! Enjoy 110 For Christ.

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